Traveling To Roatan, Honduras; Where to Stay, Eat, Drink & Explore

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras. This tropical paradise, located off the country’s northern coast, is an excellent choice for any traveler. With lush green mountains, crystal white sand beaches, and clear blue water, Roatan is as beautiful as it is welcoming.

Beyond its beautiful landscapes and hospitable culture, Roatan is also a special place for Salt Life. The Salt Life team has visited the island on multiple occasions for photoshoots and team trips. Salt Life also has a close relationship with Roatan Marine Park (RMP); an organization dedicated to the conservation of Honduras’ marine and coastal ecosystems. RMP helped the Salt Life team claim a point known as Salt Life Point, which exists underneath the crystal clear waters of Roatan at the coordinates 16° 15’57.9348”N -86°35’59.8596”W, at a depth of 45’.

Originally from Roatan, Salt Life team member and professional photographer, Shawn Jackson, was excited to share his favorite places on the island, as well as his top travel tips.

When To Visit

One standout feature of Roatan is that there really isn’t a bad time to visit. That being said, Shawn says the busiest times of the year for tourists are between October and March. During these months you will likely find busier beaches, cruise ships docked along the coast, and lots of snorkelers and SCUBA divers.

The average temperatures during these months range from 80 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so leave your jackets at home and make sure to wear your sunscreen and Salt Life performance gear. Shawn also notes that during these months the sunsets and sunrises are the most stunning. Just imagine watching the sun come up over the ocean with a cup of coffee in your hand and sand between your toes. Then, later in the day, watching the sunset over dinner and drinks.

Summertime is the quietest time on the island, with temperatures reaching into the low 100s. During this time of year, there usually aren’t any cruise ships visiting Roatan, and the island is a little bit quieter. For travelers who like to explore the local culture while avoiding crowds, this is the best time to visit.

Places To Stay

No matter what type of accommodations you prefer, you can find them in Roatan. The island offers well-known all-inclusive resorts like Anthony’s Key Resort in Sandy Bay, and newer hotels like Mayan Princess, Infinity Bar, Pineapple Villas, or Grand Roatan. In a part of the island called the West End, Shawn recommends staying in private rental houses for a luxurious vacation.

Restaurants & Bars

There is no shortage of great food in Roatan. Fresh seafood and tropical fruits are just a couple of the items tourists can look forward to enjoying at any restaurant. Shawn highly recommends the Oasis, Drunken Sailor, Anthony’s Kitchen, and Cal’s Cantina eateries. Visitors are encouraged to try the local cuisine like conch soup and Honduran tamales. Bon Appẻtit!

Travelers looking to enjoy adult beverages on the island should check out Sundowners, Blue Marlin, or Franks. Roatan Island Brewery, which is relatively new and the only brewery on the island, is also a great place for trying local craft beers like the Caribbean brown ale or mango pale ale.


West Bay Beach is the most popular beach in Roatan. It is one mile of clean, white sand leading to the calm, warm ocean. In addition to sunbathing and swimming, visitors can partake in exciting activities such as snorkeling, parasailing, and jet skiing.

Located on the northeast end of the island, Camp Bay Beach is another popular beach for tourists and locals alike. Less developed and more remote than West Bay Beach, this beach is filled with lush palm trees as well as roadside stands and bars. Shawn recommends visiting Camp Bay Beach for a peaceful, secluded beach experience.


Roatan is a premier diving location because of its crystal clear water and proximity to the coral reefs. From any beach on the island, visitors can shore dive as beautiful and bustling coral reefs are only a few hundred feet away. There are also plenty of boat charters available to take divers to specific dive spots, reefs, caves, or wrecks.

Half Moon Bay Wall, Mary’s Place, and West End Wall are three of the most popular dive sites in Roatan. Schools of tuna and whale sharks can also be spotted in the island’s waters (whale shark season is February to April, and August to November). Snorkelers and SCUBA divers alike have plenty to explore in Roatan.

We hope that Shawn’s recommendations help you plan your itinerary for your next trip to Roatan. Anyone who loves the beach, ocean, snorkeling, or SCUBA diving should add Roatan to their list of future travel destinations. Individuals, couples, and families will find that Roatan has more than enough accommodations, restaurants, and activities to cater to any age or interest. Not to mention, Roatan is simply stunningly beautiful and relaxing. Check out the Salt Life YouTube page to watch videos of our team members exploring Roatan.


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