Top 5 Miami Hotspots

There is more to Miami than the tourist attractions popular among spring breakers. From lesser-known spots on Miami Beach, to trendy neighborhoods like Coconut Grove, Wynwood, the Design District, and Little Havana, Miami has a lot to offer for every type of vacationer. If you are looking for an authentic Miami experience, check out our top five Miami destinations.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach may be the ultimate tourist attraction for families and spring breakers, but there is more to this sand-covered oasis than South Beach with all its beachfront bars and clubs. Rent a bike from one of the countless bike kiosks along the beach, and head north or south just a mile or two from the center of South Beach.


Here, you will find a less-crowded beachfront that makes for a more relaxing beach experience. You’ll feel like you’ve arrived in your own little slice of heaven, right in Miami Beach.

Miami BeachMiami Beach

Coconut Grove

This trendy neighborhood has a lot to offer. It’s packed with boutique restaurants serving up delicious eats, and lesser-known Miami landmarks to explore. The best way to cruise through Coconut Grove is on a Vespa moped. While you're exploring Coconut Grove, make sure to duck down some side streets in and around Coconut Walk, the heart of the neighborhood, to see what authentic Miami life is all about.

Coconut GroveCoconut Grove


If Brooklyn and Miami had a baby, it would be Wynwood. This funky neighborhood is packed with one-of-a kind restaurants and shops that you can’t find anywhere else. Its city blocks are also decked out with stunning graffiti art murals. If you are looking for the perfect place to post up for an Instagram photoshoot, you will find plenty of opportunities in Wynwood.


Miami’s Design District

Who needs Rodeo Drive when you have Miami's Design District? This city hotspot is home to luxury brands, pristine white streets, and swanky art museums. The Design District deserves a top spot on your authentic Miami experience, even if you can only pretend like you’re royalty while window shopping to your heart's desire. Everyone can dream, right?

Design DistrictDesign District

Little Havana

Miami has the largest Cuban population of any city in the world outside of Cuba. This makes sense as Cuba is only 90 miles south of Miami. If you’re looking for an authentic Cuban experience that doesn’t require a trip across the ocean border, then you have to check out Little Havana. This unique neighborhood is a big part of Miami’s culture, featuring Cuban coffee shops slinging high-powered Cuban coffee, fresh hand-rolled cigars, and authentic Cuban cuisine. So much of Miami’s heritage is influenced by its Cuban residents, and this neighborhood is the best place to experience it all.

Little HavanaLittle Havana

Explore Miami in Style

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