The Best Sun and Sand on the Planet; Top 5 Must-Visit Beaches

beach view with mountains and buildings

Sun, sand, and waves make any beach a great place to spend the day. That being said, some beaches around the world stand out amongst the rest. That is why we are sharing’s list of the top five must-visit beaches from around the world.


If going to the beach is one of your favorite activities, you must add these destinations to your travel bucket list.


Ipanema Beach - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil



Visitors to Ipanema Beach can enjoy a mile-long and three-hundred-foot-deep area of white sand beach. Gentle waves crash on the shore against a backdrop of jungle-covered mountain peaks.


Alongside this pristine beach is a boardwalk perfect for strolling, jogging, or rollerblading. Ipanema Beach is also a great place to take surfing lessons during the day and watch the sunset at night.


No trip to Brazil is complete without indulging in the national cocktail called Caipirinha. This delicious drink is made from fermented sugarcane juice called cachaca, along with sugar, and lime. The perfect cocktail to enjoy on the beach.

surfboards standing up on ipanema beachsurfboards standing up on ipanema beach

Waikiki Beach - Honolulu, Hawaii


Hawaii is packed with beaches but the must-see destination in this state is Waikiki Beach. Any time of the year, you can experience more than two miles of sand and water lined with palm trees.


Waikiki Beach is a bustling attraction, full of both residents and visitors. Swimming, surfing, and snorkeling are the top three activities available at this Hawaiian hot spot.

view of waikiki beach in hawaiiview of waikiki beach in hawaii

Kitsilano Beach - Vancouver, BC Canada


If you want to do more than just sit back and sunbathe, this is the beach for you. Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver is located on the English Bay and has been developed into an entertainment center for all ages. 


This beach offers playgrounds, volleyball courts, a dog park, and a massive outdoor salt-water pool. The Kitsilano Showboat is an open-air amphitheater that hosts free performances from a variety of local artists, including singers, bands, and dancers.


You will never be bored at this Vancouver beach surrounded by the ocean, mountains, and plenty of fun.

various people laying out on kitsilano beachvarious people laying out on kitsilano beach

Clifton Beaches - Cape Town, South Africa


Intimate and exclusive, the Clifton Beaches in Cape Town are made up of four beaches separated only by small boulders. There is about half a mile of sandy shore between all the beaches.


Each beach has fine, white sand but its own unique attributes. There is so much to explore and plenty of opportunities for sightseeing from boats and helicopters.

view of clifton beach in south africaview of clifton beach in south africa

Repulse Bay Beach - Hong Kong, China


When you think about Hong Kong, you may envision busy streets full of people. Repulse Bay Beach offers a retreat away from all the craziness, with a quiet and quaint golden beach.


You can spend your day swimming in the clear water and end it by enjoying a stunning sunset. Repulse Bay Beach is also surrounded by a wide array of dining and shopping venues.


This beach destination is the perfect combination of relaxing and exciting.

view of repulse bay beach in hong kongview of repulse bay beach in hong kong

Everyone has a travel bucket list. If you love experiencing new beaches, do yourself a favor and add one or more of these must-visit beaches to your list. All these beach travel destinations offer not only gorgeous sand and water, but activities that range from relaxing to adventurous.


Make sure you check out our YouTube video below to learn more about these beautiful beaches.


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