The World's Top 10 Tallest Waterfalls

The stunning power and ambient noise of rushing water are two of the reasons that professional waterfall chasers seek out these natural beauties. The best and tallest waterfalls are scattered throughout the world, making them a guiding force for many travelers. Whether you’re looking to explore within the United States, or venture out to Europe, South America, or Oceana, there is sure to be a waterfall on your next adventure worth checking out.

Looking for a list of waterfalls to experience? Here are the world's top 10 tallest waterfalls, from smallest to largest.

#10 - Skrikjofossen (Hordaland, Norway)

Standing at 1,837 feet, this is the world’s 10th largest waterfall. Located in the beautiful Hordaland region of Norway, this is a great place to start your worldwide waterfall excursion. While you’re in Norway, check out a few of the other waterfalls on this list that are even bigger!

#9 - Sutherland Falls (Fiordland, New Zealand)

This 1,903 foot high waterfall encompases three separate and distinct leaps from top to bottom. The water that flows and falls here is sourced from a nearby lake. Sutherland Falls is located in a region of New Zealand that is known for heavy rainfall, meaning there is no shortage of water for these falls, and no shortage of beautiful scenery. In fact, Sutherland Falls is considered to be New Zealand's most stunning waterfall by both the locals and tourists.

#8 - Langfoss (Hordaland, Norway)

This is a second monster waterfall in not only Norway, but specifically the Hordaland region. It towers above at an impressive 2,008 feet. The water that cascades down these falls is sourced by the Folgefonna Glacier. A waterfall sourced by a glacier? That’s about as Norwegian as it gets.

#7 - Snow Creek Falls (California, USA)

This cascading beauty is part of Yosemite National Park. It’s 2,140 feet high and drops water down into the Tenaya Canyon. Snow Creek Falls is so high up that you have to summit the iconic Half Dome - one of Yosemitte’s largest attractions - to see the whole thing.

#6 - Yosemite Falls (California, USA)

Ranking just above Snow Creek Falls is another waterfall that is found inside Yosemite National Park. At 2,424 feet, Yosemite Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the United States, and another jewel of one of the most beautiful and iconic national parks in the world.

#5 - Kjelfossen (Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)

Standing at a peak of 2,477 feet, Kjelfossen is regarded as one of the tallest waterfalls in all of Norway. While the whole thing is viewable from the base, it’s a real neck-straining experience. One of the best places to view this waterfall is from the nearby Stalheim Hotel. It’s the perfect place to catch some rest and enjoy the views as you’re chasing waterfalls throughout this beautiful country.

#4 - Catarata Gocta (San Pablo, Peru)

This natural beauty is the smaller of the two waterfalls in South America on our list. Catarata Gocta stands at 2,530 feet and consists of two main parts - a 755 foot upper drop and a 1,742 foot lower drop.

#3 - Ramnefjellsfossen (Sogn og Fjordane, Norway)

Norway is home to four of the world’s largest waterfalls. This is the last Norwegian waterfall on our list, thus the tallest waterfall in Norway. It just so happens to also be the tallest in the entire continent of Europe! Ramnefjellsfossen measures 2,684 feet tall and is a true wonder to experience.

#2 - Browne Falls (Fiordland, New Zealand)

This is the second waterfall in New Zealand on our list and the second tallest waterfall in the world. The water that falls here is sourced by Lake Browne and dropped into the Doubtful Sound. It stands an impressive 2,743 feet tall. Despite its incredible height, it blends in seamlessly with the countryside while spewing water down the mountainside. This can make it hard to spot so it’s worth hiring a guide to take you there.

#1 - Angel Falls (Canaima, Venezuela)

We have finally reached the top of the world, at least when it comes to waterfalls. Angel Falls hails as the tallest waterfall on earth at at a whopping 3,212 feet. Along with having the tallest vertical drop of any waterfall on the planet, Angel Falls is often regarded as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. This South American beauty got its name from Jimmie Angel, who was the first person to fly over it’s falls in the mid-20th century. Jimmiie and his co-pilot (his wife) actually crashed at the top of the falls. It took them 12 days to hike their way back out of the jungle. The size, beauty, and history of Angel Falls are just a few of the many reasons to visit beautiful South America.

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