SUP Surfing Tips with Connor Baxter: A Beginners Guide to Stand Up Paddle Boarding

man surfing with paddle stick

New to stand up paddling? Be successful from the very start with these tips from SUP Racing World Champion, Connor Baxter!

Paddle Position & Length

Many novice stand up paddlers use their paddle backwards inadvertently. The blade of a paddle has a slight bend to it. When you’re on a board, you want to hold your paddle with the bend facing away from you. This will allow you to navigate more effectively through the water.

It’s also crucial to choose the right length paddle. Paddles that are too short can put a strain on your back, while paddles that are too long can strain your shoulders. If you’re going a shorter distance and want quicker strokes, consider a shorter paddle. On the other hand, for longer distances and strokes, a longer paddle is a better choice. 

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Picking the Perfect Surfboard; With Guidance from Long Time Team Members Colin McPhillips and Kieran Anderson

surfboards in a row

Finding the right surfboard can be overwhelming. For new surfers, this can seem almost impossible. Don’t worry though, we have your back. Salt Life team members Colin McPhillips and Kieran Anderson are here to share their advice on how to pick the perfect surfboard.


Longboard vs. Shortboard

The first decision you will have to make when choosing the perfect surfboard is if you want a longboard or a shortboard. Colin and Kieran both recommend a longboard for beginners. They are more stable and more comfortable to learn on. For more seasoned surfers, a shortboard could be a better fit.

Here are some examples of shortboards and longboards that Colin and Kieran recommend:

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