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The Best Surf Spots in the Atlantic Ocean; Salt Life Shares Its Top Five East Coast Surfing Locations

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Did you know that the Atlantic Ocean has the highest tides in the world?


Even though surfing is often thought of as a West Coast sport, there are so many great surfing spots along the East Coast! Salt Life is here to tell you about the five best places to surf in the Atlantic Ocean, so you don’t miss out.


Outerbanks, North Carolina

beach in outerbanks north carolina

Some of the largest swells of the Atlantic Ocean happen right in the Outerbanks. Cold and warm waters meet here to cause wild currents and winds. There are more than 300 miles of coastline full of perfect waves for surfers looking for a challenge. 


Atlantic City, New Jersey

view of beach in atlantic city, new jersey

You might think that Atlantic City is all hotels and casinos. In reality, this city is dedicated to promoting and fostering its surfing culture. There are three beaches designated for surfing, so all levels of surfers can find waves to ride. Atlantic City beaches are also perfect for kayaking, windsurfing, and boogie boarding.


Cocoa Beach, Florida

the shore of cocoa beach, florida

Home to the famous surfer Kelly Slater and surf brand Ron Jons; Cocoa Beach should be a must-visit destination for traveling surfers. This East Coast surf city has year-round warm temperatures and waves that both new and seasoned surfers can ride. 


Jersey Shore, New Jersey

beach view of the jersey shore

Before it became home to the popular MTV show, the Jersey Shore was and continues to be a top East Coast surfing destination. There are more than 130 miles of shoreline for catching waves. To stay out of the crowds and get down to serious surfing though, head away from Seaside Heights and over to the Minassian Inlet.


Virginia Beach, Virginia

view of virginia beach

If you’re looking for incredible surfing on the East Coast, it doesn’t get much better than the home of the East Coast Surfing Championships. New surfers have access to some of the nation’s top surf schools in Virginia Beach, while veteran surfers can ride waves year-round. This beach is also perfect for stand-up paddle boarding, parasailing, and wave riders.


Whether you want to learn how to surf or take your board and skills somewhere new and exciting, you should venture out to the East Coast. The Atlantic Ocean waves easily rival those of the West Coast, making any day of surfing fun and challenging. 


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To learn more about these beautiful Atlantic surf spots, check out our YouTube video below.