Liveaboard with Lauren Landers; A Look into Living on a Sailboat in the Bahamas

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

This quote from Joseph Conrad perfectly describes the liveaboard experience for Salt Life team member, Lauren Landers. While growing up in Missouri, Lauren traveled annually to the Bahamas. These adventures led her to study marine biology and pursue her passion for freediving by spending as much time as possible on or in the water. 

We recently interviewed Lauren about all things liveaboard. She shared great insight, including the differences between living on the land versus on the water, the perks of living on a sailboat, and even her favorite memory so far from living on a sailboat in the Bahamas.

Differences Between Land and Sea
There are a lot of obvious differences between living in a traditional house and living on a sailboat. Lauren shared with us that one of the most important differences is the limited resources. For example, there is only so much power available each day as all energy comes from a battery. She also has to be cautious of her water usage as there is a limit to how much water can be stored and used on the sailboat for tasks like washing dishes.

Space is another factor to consider when comparing life on land and sea. While boats are super efficient with space (nearly every single floorboard and seat has space for storage underneath), it is still tight quarters for everything and everyone on board. Lauren also wanted to note that there is always maintenance to do when it comes to living on a boat. From routine oil changes to superficial cleaning, there is something to be done every single day.

Perks of Sailboat Living

Being able to wake up each day and immediately see the ocean is one of the things Lauren enjoys most about living on a sailboat. She is also grateful to be able to swim at any time of day. She embraces that each day brings something new - from making quick decisions about weather conditions, to mechanical issues that may require creative problem-solving. Lauren shared, “I really enjoy the simple lifestyle, constantly being on the ocean, the challenges it can bring, and also the amazing friends and people that we meet along the way.”

Advice for Living on a Sailboat
If you’re considering packing up and moving offshore, Lauren has some recommendations before you sell your house and buy a boat. She suggests taking a long vacation and living aboard the type of boat you’re thinking about purchasing for at least a week. This way, you can immerse yourself and make the right decision. A week is just the right amount of time to experience the perks of sailboating living like gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, being surrounded by pristine water, and the ability to swim and fish at any time. You will also see the challenges firsthand, including limited storage space and resources, tight living quarters, waves, and mechanical issues.

Lauren’s Favorite Day 

Believe it or not, Lauren’s favorite sailboat memory is from a day when the engines wouldn’t start. Her morning plan was a sunrise workout, lift anchor, and head out. Since there was very little wind, she was relying on her motor for the impending six-hour journey. It turns out that the starter had gone bad and even though there was barely any wind, Lauren and her crew had to be efficient with the wind they had.

It was a slow start, but it enabled Lauren to appreciate the beautiful blue water, enjoy the company of her crewmates, and work on a few little projects. Lauren fondly remembers laughing and joking around, despite the circumstances. Their day of sailing ended with a gorgeous sunset. “This day seems so insignificant,” says Lauren, “we didn't dive, we weren't doing anything amazing, but it was such a gorgeous day and so peaceful; one of my favorite days of sailing.”

Lauren said that she feels blessed anytime she gets to see any type of marine life, from tiny little invertebrates hiding in a coral reef to a dolphin swimming alongside her sailboat. Little everyday things such as sunrises and sunsets over the water also create a sense of gratitude and never get old,” she shared.

This interview with Lauren was a great peek into living life on a sailboat, the pros and the cons, from someone with first-hand experience.

We can’t thank Lauren enough for sharing tips and tricks from her liveaboard lifestyle. If you want to read more stories like this from our Salt Life team members, make sure to subscribe to Salt Life’s emails. And follow Lauren’s adventures on her Instagram @_laurenlanders.


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