Feel the Burn: Beach Workouts with Sarah & Bri

Salt Life team members Sarah Jarett and Bri Andrassy show us how to perform a muscle toning workout at the beach using only the natural environment and easily portable workout equipment. These exercises are best enjoyed with a partner, so grab a friend and hit the beach or your favorite oceanside park and follow this simple step-by-step routine. 

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SUP Yoga Flow with Your Pup; Namaste on the Water

woman and dog on paddle board in open waters

Being out on your paddleboard can be just as exciting as it is relaxing. In calm water, your paddleboard is the perfect place for your next yoga practice. Celebrate the sunrise or sunset with this yoga flow. You can also bring your pup along for this yoga adventure! Chair Pose Start your flow with chair pose. In the middle of your board, stand with your legs together and bend at the knees just like you are sitting on a chair and hold. Lift your arms above your head and continue to breathe in and out for as long as you can keep the position.

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Adventuring in Cabo San Lucas; Recommendations from the Salt Life Team

water views of cabo san lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a must-visit destination that has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are looking for beautiful beaches, fantastic food, or a day full of fishing - you can find it in this Mexican paradise.


Beaches, the ocean, and seafood? It sounds exactly like the kind of place that members of the Salt Life team would frequent. Keep reading for first-hand recommendations of Cabo's most essential places from the people who know it best. 

woman standing on beach in cabowoman standing on beach in cabo

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