Underwater Camera Recommendations from Team Salt Life

Freediving and SCUBA diving are arguably two of the most mesmerizing water-based sports. Each can be life-changing activities for first timers as well as experienced professionals. For experienced divers and those leading amateurs on their first adventure beneath the surface, having a solid underwater camera can be a huge benefit. It enables you to capture your experience and can also be used as training material as you progress in the sport. 

So in that spirit, we went to the greatest source for professional diving gear recommendations - team Salt Life. Here’s what they had to say about the underwater cameras they use when exploring the ocean.

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Best Life Saving Tips With Lifeguard & Salt Life Team Member Max Fleming

Ever wonder what real life BayWatch is like? We did too. So we went to the best lifeguarding source we have on Team Salt Life - Max Fleming. Max is a skilled waterman in just about every ocean activity including surfing, fishing, freediving, spearfishing, and SUP. 


But when Max isn’t shredding waves or hooking trophies, he’s keeping the beach-going public of Orange County, California safe from harm. Max is a lifeguard supervisor, overseeing 20 guard towers in South Laguna Beach and Dana Point. Lifeguarding is a very serious job and Max and his team have to be prepared for unforeseen and unexpected rescues at any given moment.

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Best Amberjack Recipes

Amberjacks are the real luck of the draw (or should we say hook) catch of warmer oceans. This large game fish is often hooked by anglers who are hunting for even larger game like sharks, barracudas, and tuna. Nonetheless, Amberjacks can grow big and meaty and are a pleasant surprise at the end of your line. 


The only question is how do you like to cook up your freshly-caught Amberjack, which is what we will cover in this article. Here are the favorite Amberjacks recipes of Salt Life’s fishing team.

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