Learning How To Lobster with Demi, Sarah, and Kieran

Tired of buying overpriced lobster? Try your hand at catching some fresh ones yourself! Follow these lobstering tips and tricks from team Salt Life to get started.

Tickle, Lasso, Net

The first step in catching your future dinner is to entice the surrying shellfish out of their protective nest by using a “tickle stick.” This tool does just what its name suggests - it tickles the lobster’s hind side so that it goes scurrying backwards out from under the rocks.


Once the lobster is out in the open, you need to lasso them with a catching tool that loops over the lobster’s body and tightens to secure your catch. Once you have your catch wrapped up good and tight, place it in the net for safekeeping on the way back to the boat.

Catch Keeping Requirements

Florida fishing and game laws require that a lobster be at least three inches long from the eyes to the top of the tail in order to be kept. Any lobster under these dimensions needs to be thrown back into the water to continue growing. Check with your state’s fishing and game laws if you are lobstering outside of the sunshine state, as the size requirements for keeping your catch may be different.

Be Ready to Dive

Florida reefs are gorgeous diving spots for lobster, but the reef bottom is a ways down. This can make it challenging to entice a lobster out of their protective cove as it can take a lot of breath just to reach the floor of the reef. Be prepared to make several dives to catch your first lobster. It’s all worth it in the end when you get your fresh lobster cleaned up and ready for the grill.

Clean and Cook

Cleaning your lobster is a simple two-step process. The first thing you want to do is remove the tail from the body by twisting counterclockwise. Once you have the tail separated, the next step is to clean out the intestines and the digestive system. To do this, snap off one of the antennas and work it into the lobster at the base of the tail. This will push any undesirable eating material through the meaty end, making it easy to pull out. It’s a good idea to push the antenna back through the top of the tail to make sure all digestive material has been cleaned out. Now, you are ready to grill up some delicious fresh lobster.

Going Lobstering?

Planning your own lobster dive? Salt Life has the gear you need. With a full line of swim and dive clothing, hats, and polarized sunglasses, you are sure to find your style. Whatever your Salt Life may look like - be it fishing, diving, or surfing, you can count on Salt Life for the gear you need to stay cool and protected.

To see our Florida team members, Sarah and Demi, teach their west coast counterpart, Kieran, how to lobster - check out this YouTube video.


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