Catching Guatemalan Sailfish with Peter Miller

Salt Life team member and professional angler, Peter Miller, is one of the top athletes in his sport, especially when it comes to catching sailfish for which he is a 3X world champion. Recently, he traveled along the pacific coast of Guatemala to Iztapa, which has one of the best sailfish sanctuaries in the world. He was not only after the adrenaline rush of non-stop sailfish action, but was also interested in figuring out what makes the eastern pacific so robust with his favorite fish.


Peter’s trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one that he was able to share with his son. Here’s how it went down, and all that Peter learned…

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How to Catch Kingfish with Capt. Don Dingman

Want to learn how to catch king mackerel (also called kingfish) like a pro angler? Well, you’re in luck. Captain Don Dingman of Salt Life’s pro fishing team stopped by for a master class on the art of catching kingfish. He detailed everything from bait and tackle to the best way to fight kingfish. Here’s what we learned in our sit down with Captain Don.

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Learning How To Lobster with Demi, Sarah, and Kieran

Tired of buying overpriced lobster? Why not catch some fresh ones yourself. You can use these lobstering tips and tricks from our Salt Life team to get started.

Tickle, Lasso, Net

The first step in catching your future dinner is to entice the surrying shellfish out of their protective nest by using a “tickle stick.” This tool does just what its name suggests - it tickles the lobster’s hind side so that it goes scurrying backwards out from under the rocks.

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