The Top 4 Knots Every Saltwater Fisherman Should Know

Knot tying is an essential skill in the world of saltwater fishing. Some are easy to tie and others are more complex, but each knot serves its own purpose on your quest to hook monster fish. 


We asked Captain Don Dingman what knots he uses on a regular basis when he is out on the water. Here are the top four knots he recommends that every saltwater fisherman know and master.

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How to Catch a MASSIVE Tuna in Costa Rica By: Salt Life Team Member, Capt. Willy Atencio

With August being one of the best months of the year to catch tuna in Costa Rica, we decided now is a great time to sit down with Salt Life team member and professional charter captain, Willy Atencio, to get the inside scoop on all things tuna. Captain Willy resides in Drake Bay, Costa Rica, and operates the Reel Escape, a 35-foot 2002 CABO Sport Fishing Yacht. Read on for an inside look at the behaviors of tuna and how to reel one in for yourself, straight from Captain Willy - one of the best in the business!

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How to Catch Mahi Mahi; Tips From Salt Life’s Peter Miller

Commonly found in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico, Mahi Mahi is a colorful fish whose name means “very strong” in Hawaiian. Also referred to as dorado or dolphin fish, Mahi is fun to catch and delicious to eat. When it comes to catching Mahi, Salt Life is lucky to have a professional fisherman on our team, Peter Miller, to share his insider tips and tricks.


Peter has been fishing since the age of three. What began as saltwater fishing off the coast of Long Island turned into a passion and a career that landed him in Florida. In 1989, Peter and his friend Chris Toomey created “Get Lit,” a professional fishing team. For more than 30 years, this team has been winning and placing in high-profile fishing tournaments. If anyone knows how to catch Mahi - it’s Peter.

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