Kite Fishing Techniques, Tips, and Tricks; Advice from Seasoned Kite Fisherman, Peter Miller

man holding kite in open waters

Kite fishing is just as fun as it sounds! You can catch impressive fish like sailfish and tuna using this method, which utilizes flying a kite attached to your mainline which is connected to your rod and reel, suspending your live bait from the kite clips. Kite fishing can be done from a boat or beach, in any depth of water. 


From the outside looking in, kite fishing might seem complicated, but it is very easy! We are excited to share with you some insight and advice from experienced fisherman Peter Miller. Take advantage of these tips to kite fish more effectively!


Buy the Right Gear

To be successful at kite fishing, you will need a fishing rod, kite, kite reel, fishing line, leader, release clips, and bait. You will also need supplies for baiting your line, including hooks, fishing rings, weights, and fishing corks. There is a wide variety of kite fishing equipment for sale at different price points, so no matter your budget, you can try kite fishing!

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Fishing for Bonefish and Permit in Roatan: Techniques, Bait and Gear

woman holding fish in front of beach

The island of Roatan is a picture-perfect place to catch bonefish and permit. The mangrove trees that line the island’s coast are a sign that this island is full of healthy plants, animals, and most importantly, fish.


Both bonefish and permit are highly desired game fish that live amongst the mangrove trees in shallow waters surrounding the island. They are known to be quick, agile, and a challenge for any angler.


Thinking about trying your hand at bonefish and permit fishing? Here’s a peek into what you can expect and even some helpful tips!

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Everything You Need to Know About Cast Net Fishing; Including How To Perfect This Form of Sustainable Fishing

man cast net fishing off a boat

If you want to catch plenty of fish at once, a cast net is the way to go. This sustainable method of fishing has been around for thousands of years. In fact, cast nets have been found in Egyptian tombs, dating as far back as before 1,000 B.C.

While it may seem straightforward to throw a net and catch a fish, there is a lot more to this fishing method. The more you learn about the types of cast nets available and their proper technique, the more success you will have out on the water. 

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