10 Great Gifts For Anglers Salt Life’s 2021 Gift Guide: Pt. 3 Fishing Edition

Stuck trying to find the perfect gift for the saltwater angler in your life? We’ve got presents galore in our gift guide to suit every fishermen's festive spirit! Take a look at our guide below to find the perfect gift for your angler this holiday season.

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New Jigs that Luiza Is Excited About

The world of fishing is full of seemingly endless possibilities and no category (besides fish to catch) is wider than the tackle and strategy you use to hook your prize. There are countless types of lures and jigs, from numerous brands and in various sizes, shapes, weights, and for various purposes. 


We asked Luiza Nelson of Salt Life’s fishing team what lures and jigs she uses when she's on the hunt with her rod and reel. When you’re married to a professional angler and are co-host of the fishing TV show Livin the Dream, you spend a lot of time on the water perfecting your craft. Because of her numerous accolades and accomplishments, we figured Luiza would be the perfect source to learn about new jigs and the strategies to use them.


Here’s what Luiza uses when she’s fishing out on the open ocean.

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Tips on Adjusting Your Fishing Routines for Pre & Post Storm Fishing with Capt. Rick

Storms of any kind affect coastal fishing. This is true if it’s a minor cold front passing through that cools off the bite you’ve been feeding for a while, and it’s true of major storms like tropical depressions and hurricanes that displace large amounts of coastal water and interrupt tide patterns. The challenge is knowing how to accurately fish before and after a storm. 

We posed this question to Captain Rick on Salt Life’s fishing team. Capt. Rick makes a living guiding fishing charters. He practically lives on the water and feeds off of the adrenaline of chasing the fight for monster fish. He also knows what it takes to find the bite pre and post storm. Here’s what Capt. Rick had to offer.

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