Best Fishing Destinations to Catch Goliath Grouper; Insight and Advice from Peter Miller

goliath grouper fish in blue waters

The goliath grouper is a saltwater fish typically found in shallow tropical waters. It lives up to its goliath name by growing as long as eight feet and weighing as much as 800 pounds!


Salt Life’s Peter Miller is a veteran fisherman that has years of experience successfully catching goliath grouper. He shared with us his favorite places to reel in these fish and the tactics he uses.


Sanibel Island, Florida


Sanibel Island is excellent for grouper fishing because it is open year-round. Anglers are invited to take on the challenge of reeling in a goliath grouper any day of the year. If you did want to plan a trip to Sanibel Island, consider going during the high season from May to October. There is an increased number of fish during these months, including grouper, making fishing just a little bit easier. 

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