Learning How To Lobster with Demi, Sarah, and Kieran

Tired of buying overpriced lobster? Why not catch some fresh ones yourself. You can use these lobstering tips and tricks from our Salt Life team to get started.

Tickle, Lasso, Net

The first step in catching your future dinner is to entice the surrying shellfish out of their protective nest by using a “tickle stick.” This tool does just what its name suggests - it tickles the lobster’s hind side so that it goes scurrying backwards out from under the rocks.

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Spearfishing in Shark Infested Waters; Four Life Saving Tips from Justin Baker

Spearfishing is an exciting and sustainable way to fish in the ocean. Salt Life team member Justin Baker has been spearfishing for almost 15 years. Born in Florida, Justin started surfing at a very young age, encouraged by parents that had a strong love for the beach. Later in life, Justin’s passion for the ocean transitioned from surfing to spearfishing. 


It’s no secret that spearfishing can be a dangerous activity. Sharks are just one of the dangers associated with this underwater activity. Luckily, we’ve got Justin around to share a few tips about how to spearfish safely, even in shark infested waters.

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Salt Life's Top 5 Diving Tips; For Your Next Scuba Adventure

Before you jump in the water for your next diving adventure, we’ve got some advice to share with you! Whether you’ve been scuba diving for years, or just recently picked up the sport, our Salt Life team members are here to share their top five tips for better and safer scuba diving. 

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