Exploring Shipwrecks in the Bahamas; A Day Underwater with Bri Andrassy

woman underwater in suba gear

On a rainy day in the Bahamas, Bri Andrassy gears up and heads out to scuba dive Stuart Cove. Deep below the surface of these tropical waters exists many shipwrecks for divers to explore. Some of these shipwrecks have been used in the filming of James Bond movies! How cool is that?

old shipwreck boat undewaterold shipwreck boat undewater

Inside a Wreck

Diving over and around wrecks is one thing, but getting to dive into the actual shipwreck is an exciting, unique experience. In Stuarts Cove, Bri was able to explore the inside of a wreck for the first time. She describes this part of the dive as a little bit eerie. While the atmosphere inside the sunken ship was dark, there were pockets of light shining through, helping guide her through tight spaces.

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Salt Life’s Favorite Scuba Locations; Five of the Best Places in the World to Scuba Dive

woman sitting on edge of a boat

When 70% of the world is covered in water, how do you pick the best place to scuba dive? Let us help you out! Salt Life is excited to share with you five of our favorite places to scuba dive. Each location offers a unique experience for both amateur and veteran divers. So fill up your tanks, and let’s dive in!


Great Blue Hole in Belize

aerial view of the great blue hole in belizeaerial view of the great blue hole in belize

The Great Blue Hole in Belize is precisely how it sounds. Created by a sinkhole, this circular scuba diving destination is part of the Belize Barrier Reef. In clear water, you can see as far as 30 meters!


As you dive deep into the hole, you can see how the water transitions from salt to fresh water. Below all of the vibrant plants and fish are ancient underwater caverns just begging to be explored.

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