Connor Baxter’s Paddleboard Workout For Practicing Technique and Staying in Shape

In case you didn’t know, Salt Life team member Connor Baxter is a professional waterman with a focus on SUP. He has been named World Champion multiple times and is a 2019 Pan American Gold Medalist. If you’re following his workouts, you know you’re doing something right. This workout is explicitly one that Connor uses for practice and training. As he perfects his paddling technique, he also strengthens his muscles and gets in a great full-body workout.

Warm-up: Connor starts with light jogging for a few minutes, ending with 10 walking lunges. He then does one minute of jumping jacks and shoulder circles, 10 forward and 10 backward. Then, Connor hops on his paddleboard and paddles for 10 minutes until his body and muscles are thoroughly warmed up and ready to work.

Round 1: For the first round of his workout, which is about 24 minutes, Connor paddles for one minute at 75% effort and then rests for one minute. He does this 12 times but breaks the round into three segments:

  1. For the first four intervals, he focuses on the catch (first part of his paddle stroke), really trying to dig the blade deep into the water. 
  2. During the following four intervals, he pays attention to the end of his stroke, also called the release. Each time he stands up quickly and snaps his hips forward. 
  3. For the last four intervals, he combines the catch and release and works through the entire motion.

Round 2: Connor considers this round optional, but more practice on your paddleboard is never a bad thing. For this round, Connor does one minute paddling at 75% effort and one minute rest. In this round, his focus is on starting each interval differently. For example, he’ll begin paddling from a beach start, sitting start, standing start, or backward start.

Here at Salt Life, we are lucky to have seasoned athletes like Connor Baxter who are excited to share their tricks, tips, and techniques. If you want to improve your SUP skills and get your body in great shape, we recommend trying out this favorite workout of Connor’s. Salt Life's YouTube channel also has other workout videos that you might like, don’t hesitate to check it out and subscribe while you’re there!


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