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Visiting Casa Del Golfo in El Salvador

Casa Del Golfo is an all-inclusive boutique hotel located on the Gulf of Fonseca in southern El Salvador. Perfect for outdoor and saltwater enthusiasts, you can enjoy fishing, surfing, snorkeling, SUP, diving, and more. There is something here to make everyone happy.


Salt Life team members Ryder DeVoe, Kasey Leonhardt, and Jimmy & Luiza Nelson just returned from a trip to Casa Del Golfo and they all had nothing but wonderful things to say. Jimmy and Luiza even said, "Our experiences here have been enjoyable from the beginning! We’ve been here four times now, each time for three weeks, and we have felt right at home."

About El Salvador

El Salvador is a very small and mostly rural country in Central America that is bordered by Honduras, Guatemala, and the Pacific Ocean. The country is home to about 6 and a half million people and boasts beautiful beaches, mountains, volcanos, and forests. Perfect for adventurists and anglers alike.

Casa Del Golfo Amenities & Activities

While staying at Casa Del Golfo, you can find ways to relax and recharge as well as get out and try new adventures. There is also a restaurant on-site with delicious food. “The menu consists of fish, chicken, and steak dishes and other pasta and El Salvadorian dishes. It’s an all-around amazing place," Ryder says.


If you are looking for some water activities to enjoy while you’re visiting, you won’t be disappointed. The team shared a few of their favorite experiences from this last visit below.


If you love fishing, you’re in luck. This is where Casa Del Golfo shines. You will have the option to fish on the beach, offshore, from a boat, or from a kayak with experienced guides and top-notch equipment. “We’ve done a lot of inshore and offshore fishing, and there is an abundance of fish here which makes the fishing amazing and it's by far our favorite part,” the Nelsons say.


Guests can expect to snag all types of fish, including sierra mackerel, jacks, roosterfish, barracudas, houndfish, snappers, groupers, and sea bass.


Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is gaining in popularity as a fun water sport that anyone can learn. Try your hand at this exciting activity in the Bay of Playa El Maculis and Playas Blancas.


Casa Del Golfo is a great place for people who love to surf. "They offer surfing right out front with surfboards available for their guests,” Kasey says of Playas Blancas, the beach right outside of the hotel that offers gentle, chill waves.


If you are a more experienced surfer, you also have nearby options to shred. Las Flores and Punta Mango are not far from the hotel, and you can be there in under 30 minutes.

Thanks, Casa Del Golfo, for hosting the team! They had a great trip and can't wait to catch you next time.

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