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Jenny and Anna

Meet Jenny and Anna With United Row!

Best friends and former teammates, Jenny D’Anthony and Anna McLean, have joined forces to become team United Row. Together they are attempting a record breaking challenge to be the youngest and fastest pair to row across the Pacific Ocean, and Salt Life is stoked to be an integral part of their voyage.


In June of 2024 the pair will compete in the Talisker Whisky Pacific Challenge. They will depart from Monterey Bay, CA, and row the 2,800 nautical miles to Kauai, HI. The crossing is expected to take approximately two months. 

What Is United Row?

Jenny and Anna met when they were teammates on the Clemson University rowing team over a decade ago. Anna is from the United Kingdom, and Jenny hails from the United States, so "United Row” became the name of the partnership they formed after college. The current goal of United Row is to raise $100,000 for the initiative Hear Her Roar, which is dedicated to empowering women in sports, education, and leadership roles at Clemson.  

Jenny and Anna

The Team

Jenny D’Anthony

Jenny D’Anthony is currently a biomedical engineer living in Jacksonville, FL, but in college, she was a valued member of the varsity rowing team at Clemson University. When she decided to try out for the team, she had no rowing experience, but her years of involvement with cross-country, basketball, and track paid off. Her competitive nature and love of sports helped her quickly adapt to the new challenge and she quickly became an essential component of the team. 


Anna McLean

Anna McLean is no stranger to competitive rowing. She’s an advisory consultant based in Flagstaff, AZ, but she raced on the women's division 1 varsity rowing team at Clemson during her college years. You could say that rowing is in Anna’s genes. In 2020, she rowed across the Atlantic Ocean with her brother, Cameron, where the duo were quickly dubbed the “The Seablings.” During their 43-day journey, achieving a world first, and 2 world records.

Jenny and Anna

The Race


Anna and Jenny are currently training for the Talisker Whisky Pacific challenge, which will be held in 2024. This global race will take them across 2,800 nautical miles of rough, unpredictable ocean. They will spend nearly two months at sea with nothing but each other, their boat, necessary supplies (that will definitely include plenty of snacks), and good music.


Their journey will require incredible determination to brave the elements, seasickness, 60-foot waves, sharks, isolation, and risks of collision. The pair will have minimal communication with people on land, and they will have to work in 2-hour rowing shifts around the clock.


This selfless team of women are taking on an arduous exercise using determination and survival skills not only to challenge themselves and shatter records, but to benefit other young women through their commitment to Hear Her Roar.


Salt Life is delighted to support team United Row as they train and ultimately compete in the Talisker challenge. Jenny and Anna will proudly sport Salt Life apparel throughout their training and competition, where the gear will be put to the ultimate test. 


Stay tuned to The Daily Salt and Salt Life’s social media pages for more behind the scenes looks at training for this epic challenge! 

Jenny and Anna