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Exploring Cabo With the McPhillips

Salt Life team members Colin, Kai, and Dax McPhillips, sat down with us recently to discuss their favorite spots to hit up when they are visiting Cabo, one of their favorite tropical destinations to visit. Check out their go-to spots down below.

Surfing Cabo

If you have never had a chance to surf the east cape of Cabo, what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and load up your board and head south because the McPhillips family can't recommend the experience enough. You can find surf around every corner. Here are a few of their favorite spots.


Nine Palms
Nine Palms is a hidden gem. This location offers a nice wrapping point break. When it lines up, you can ride a long wave all the way from the top of the point into the bay.


La Fortuna
La Fortuna gives a quick, shorter wave that breaks right off a big rock. Rides with a few nice sections are easy to catch just by sitting on the rock and waiting for that quick wave.


Shipwrecks beach is the most accessible wave to get to, but it’s also the most crowded because it’s the first spot people see when they drive in from town. You’ll get powerful waves and a long, fast, hollow wall.

Dining in Cabo

When they're finished surfing, the McPhillips family always works up an appetite. The cuisine in Cabo has something for everyone. From traditional Mexican dishes, to seafood, and American food, you don't want to miss out on the wide variety of tasty dishes. Here are a couple of their favorite spots!


Zai Sushi Surf Bar
Located in La Fortuna, Zai Sushi is a beautiful restaurant right above the La Fortuna surf spot (one of their favorite surf spots mentioned above). Enjoy incredible and unique sushi rolls while taking in a stellar view of the waves.


Zac’s Bar and Grill
Zac’s Bar and Grill is located in Los Zacatitos and is a staple for the McPhillips family. This spot offers fantastic food, atmosphere, and company. You can enjoy everything from Mexican dishes to giant burgers. Pizza night is on Mondays and the McPhillips guarentee you won't be disappointed.

Drinking in Cabo

After a long day of exploring Cabo, you will probably be ready to have a drink, kick back, and relax. Check out a few of Colin's favorite watering holes below.


Shade at La Fortuna
Shade is in a recently renovated historic building. New ownership has created a cool spot to relax, have a cold beverage, and enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean while listening to live music.


Old Town San Jose
Colin couldn't choose just one spot. Old town is such a cool area filled with restaurants, bars, art galleries, and more. You won’t get a more authentic experience while visiting Mexico.

Resting in Cabo

When it comes to lodging, you can choose to stay in town or out in the East Cape. If you stay in town, you will have options for dining, night life, and activities. Out on the Cape, you will be limited to mostly privately rented homes, but there are a few other choices.

These are the McPhillips family's top picks for each option.


The White Lodge
The White Lodge is a solar-powered boutique hotel that is off the beaten path. This unique place lends some of the best surfing spots and it's in a sparsely populated area so you get a lot of those waves to yourself. You can thank us later.


Cabo Surf Hotel
The Cabo Surf Hotel is a beautiful Mexican-owned property located right on the Old Man’s surf spot. Cabo Surf offers guests a great restaurant, pool, spa, and surf school, all with incredible views.

Thank you, Colin, Kai, and Dax! 


We appreciate you sending us over the itinerary and we are excited to pack our bags and head to Cabo.