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A Day in the Life of Living in Costa Rica with Kellie Strange

Kellie Strange is an enthusiastic angler from Fort Lauderdale who, along with her fiancé, Skipper Gentry, recently traded Florida’s Atlantic coast for picturesque Quepos, Costa Rica. Quepos is a small city on the Pacific side of the Central American country, where the lush tropical rainforests of coastal mountains sweep down onto stunning beaches and turquoise waters. We caught up with Kellie to hear more about what it means to live la pura vida in Costa Rica. 

A Typical Day on the Water


Because of its proximity to the equator, the sun rises around 5:30 a.m. year-round. That means Kellie and Skipper typically get an early start and head down to the beach, where they go surfing (or in Kellie’s case, learn how to surf!). Then, they usually head back to the marina and work on the boat. On fishing days, the pair get the boat, tackle, and bait prepped and head out to the fishing spots, which are between 20 and 35 miles offshore.


The plentiful tropical waters near Costa Rica mean it never takes long to reel in a beautiful fish—whether it’s mahi, sailfish, or marlin. Once back on shore, the pair watch the sunset from the marina or beach and head home to clean and cook their catch of the day. 

Adventures on Dry Land


On days when they don’t take the boat out, Kellie and Skipper often take day trips to nearby towns. Playa Hermosa, just a few miles up the coast from Quepos, is home to some of the best surfing in the Americas, while the central highlands around Parrita and Cartago offer a respite from the heat. 


Costa Rica’s tourist-friendly economy means there are plenty of adventures in which to partake—whether it’s ziplining, whitewater rafting, or trekking through the rainforest chasing waterfalls and hot springs. Of course, Costa Rica’s easy, laid-back vibe means that some days call for hanging out in a hammock and enjoying a cerveza

Fishing in Quepos


Unlike in Florida, where fishing is often slow, the waters near Quepos are bountiful—recently, Kellie and Skipper have been reeling in 30-40 pound mahi practically every day. Now, they’re targeting sailfish and blue marlin. Wahoo and roosterfish are also great this time of year, and come April, the snook will start rolling through. 


If you’re more of a diver, Costa Rica offers fantastic spearfishing—think cubera snapper, amberjack, lobster, and massive yellowfin tuna. So no matter what your skill level or fishing method, you’re sure to arrive back at the marina with an impressive fish to take home!

Challenges of Life in Costa Rica

Of course, life in Costa Rica isn’t without its challenges. It’s hot, for one. And when the rainy season comes around in May, the daily rain can throw a wrench in your plans. What’s more, the geography of the Pacific coast sometimes means days stuck in the rain shadow, often causing flooding and landslides. Living in a rainforest also means living with its wildlife—insects, geckos, and even monkeys are frequent visitors for Kellie and Skipper. 

Final Thoughts

With its incredible natural beauty, world-class fishing, and abundance of outdoor adventures, it’s no wonder Kellie and Skipper made the move to Costa Rica. If you make the trip down there, you’ll understand why—especially if you hop on board with Kellie and Skipper! You can keep up with Kellie’s adventures by following her on Instagram @kellie_strange. Hear more about what the Salt Life team is up to by tuning into the Salt Life Podcast each week—be sure to subscribe to Above and Below on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Stay Salty!