Fishing for Wahoo in Louisiana

So you want to catch wahoo, huh? There’s no better place for it than the great Bayou state of Louisiana. Louisiana natives and Salt Life team members Nicole Spenc, Jacki Shea, and Louis Thornton recently sat down to share some insider tips with us. Just what is it that is so exhilarating about a good wahoo bite? Maybe it’s the thrill of fighting a fish that can often weigh between 80 and 100 pounds. Maybe it's the fact that they aren’t hard to find, even in their larger sizes. The pack-hunting nature of wahoo means where there is one, there are many, and they feed on surface bait. Hit the water at the right time of year, and your rig will be bending steadily on your first couple of casts.


Whatever the reason or occasion, here’s how to fish for wahoo in Louisiana.

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Adventures in Fiji; Diving and Surfing with Kieran Anderson

Salt Life team member and professional surfer and diver, Kieran Anderson, spent time exploring Fiji’s beautiful coastline. The Islands of Fiji make a beautiful vacation destination. There are 333 islands in Fiji with only 110 that are actually inhabited. Kieran experienced the stunning scenery both above and below the water, and wanted to share his experiences with you. Read about Kieran's adventure, and go ahead and add this destination to your travel bucket list.

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3D Printed Surfboards - The Future of Surfing?

3D printing has made a significant impact on industries, companies, and individuals throughout the world. In the early stages of 3D printing, it was mainly used for prototypes and one-offs. Today, it is has transformed into one of the most rapid production techniques. Surfing is no exception. Like any other development to the sport, this new type of board comes with its fair share of pros and cons, and can often be costly. We're here to share the advantages, disadvantages, and approximate costs of designing your own 3D surfboard.

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