Coral Reefs You Must Explore; Three Must-Dive Destinations

If you love to immerse yourself in underwater life, you’ve landed in the right place. We’ve put together a list of coral reefs that you must add to your diving bucket list. While every coral reef is beautiful, some are genuinely unique, must-visit destinations. Here is Salt Life’s list of the three best coral reefs in the world for snorkeling and diving.

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All about Swordfish; The Gladiators of the Deep

Peter Miller, one of Salt Life’s team members has come to know the swordfish well in his fishing career. He is here to shed light on one of the fastest and strongest predators in the ocean. Whether you enjoy fishing for swordfish, or you’re simply mesmerized by them, you’ll enjoy what Peter has in store for you.

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USA Spearfishing; Meet the Team

This September, a group of elite spearfisherman will head to Sardinia, Italy to compete in the 2021 World Spearfishing Championship on behalf of the United States of America. Salt Life is proud to announce their sponsorship of the USA Spearfishing team, and to share a little bit about each member. We will also dive into how you can contribute to their success at the 2021 championship.

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