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CamoX Slider Sunglass Retainer

Style: SAS935
Color: Ebony (EBONY)
Size: NA

The CamoX Slider Sunglass Retainer is made from 100% polyester fabric. Our Salt Life sunglass retainer features an adjustable silicone slider,and a Salt Life silicone label at the end. This sunglass strap delivers an easy way to keep your favorite sunglasses safe with a Salty attitude.


  • Adjustable silicone Slider
  • Allover camo pattern
  • Silicone label at the end


  • 100% polyester


  • One size fits most


  • Hand wash in cold water

Sunglass Retainer Holder Video

Watch this video to see more Salt Life sunglass retainers and gear for fishing,diving,and surfing.