Owen Anthony

Owen has been surfing since he was 4-years-old. In 2020, at age 10, he qualified and participated in the Eastern Surfing Championship in the U12 age division. Owen is currently a member of the Florida Board Riders U14 competition team, and placed 1st in the East Coast Grom Tour at the Melbourne Beach Florida contest.

When did you first get involved with Salt Life?
February of 2021

How would you spend you dream day?
I would like to spend an entire day at Kelly Slater’s wave pool with a friend, and of course Kelly Slater....

What is your favorite sea creature? Why?
My favorite sea creature is the dolphin because they keep sharks away. Not sure if that is true but I like to believe it!

Is there something on your bucket list that you’d like to accomplish?
My bucket list would be a boat trip in the Maldives where I’d surf every day until I mastered an air reverse!

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