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  1. Tribeca Shiny Gunmetal Blue Tortoise Sunglasses
    As low as $89.99 Regular Price $199.99
  2. Tuscany Gloss Black Sunglasses
    As low as $89.99 Regular Price $169.99
  3. Sorrento Crystal Marsala Sunglasses
    As low as $89.99 Regular Price $169.99
  4. New Salt Life Salt Life Sunglass Retainer navy
    Salt Life Sunglass Retainer
    As low as $10.00

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Salt Life polarized fishing sunglasses feature full spectrum UV protection, anti glare, and coatings to repel water and oil. Our polarized fishing sunglasses offer protection and help prevent eye fatigue caused from a day on the water. Salt Life sunglasses are offered in a variety of sizes, frame shapes and colors. Salt Life fishing sunglasses are designed to help you Sea Clearly to catch more fish

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