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  1. New Salt Life Red White and Blue Water Woven Mens Shirt SLM30206 White Front
    Red White And Blue Water Short Sleeve
    As low as $66.00
  2. New Salt Life Water Scales SLX Mens Tee SLM6193 Grey Front
    Water Scales Performance Short Sleeve Tee
    As low as $60.00
  3. New Salt Life Mission Mens SLX Aquashield SLM6168 White Front
    Mission Aquashield Long Sleeve Performance Fishing Pocket Tee
    As low as $60.00
  4. New Salt Life Inline SS Mens Shirt SLM30200 White Front
    Inline Woven Performance Fishing Shirt
    As low as $64.00
  5. New Salt Life Fishy Fishy SS Mens Shirt SLM30201 Rust Front
    Fishy Fishy Woven Performance Fishing Shirt
    As low as $66.00
  6. New Salt Life Big Game SS Mens Shirt SLM30204 Coral Front
    Big Game Woven Performance Fishing Shirt
    As low as $66.00
  7. New Salt Life Fish Trip SS Mens Shirt SLM30202 Quartz Front
    Fish Trip Woven Performance Fishing Shirt
    As low as $66.00
  8. New Salt Life Lunker SS Mens Shirt SLM30187 Coastal Blue Front
    Lunker Performance Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt
    As low as $66.00

Fishing Shirts for Men from Salt Life

Your favorite shirt for fishing comfort.

Men’s fishing shirts by Salt Life keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable in and out of the sun. Shirts with UV protection, cooling technology, venting, and antimicrobial fabrics are going to be your go to shirts for staying on the water longer to CATCH MORE FISH!

Salt Life shirts are designed and built to meet the demands of saltwater fishing or whatever type of fishing you enjoy. Our shirts, featuring Hydro Chill technology, are the next generation in performance shirt fabrics. The Hydro chill fabric regulates evaporation to cool the fabric which keeps you cooler in the harsh sun. All Salt Life shirts are made from blood and stain resistant, anti-microbial, quick drying fabric that provides UV sun protection. Salt Life has the perfect choice for your next favorite fishing shirt.

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