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  1. New Salt Life United Salt Life Trucker Mens Hat SLM20250 Quartz Front
    United Salt Life Trucker Hat
    As low as $22.00
  2. New Salt Life The Motto Trucker Mens Hat SLM20249 Sunburst Front
    The Motto Trucker Hat
    As low as $22.00
  3. New Salt Life Tails Up Mens Hat SLM20241 Atlantic Front
    Tails Up Hat
    As low as $22.00
  4. New Salt Life Sea Sunset Mens Hat SLM20240 Khaki Front
    Sea Sunset Hat
    As low as $22.00
  5. New Salt Life Red White and Blue Water Mens Hat SLM20244 White Front
    Red White and Blue Water Hat
    As low as $25.00
  6. New Salt Life Liquid Haze Trucker Mens Hat SLM20235 Grapefruit Front
    Liquid Haze Trucker
    As low as $22.00
  7. New Salt Life Lead Head Mens Hat SLM20238 Baltic Blue Front
    Leadhead Hat
    As low as $22.00
  8. New Salt Life Fish Co Mens Hat SLM20243 Khaki Front
    Fish Co Hat
    As low as $22.00
  9. New Salt Life Cast Trucker Mens Hat SLM20251 Atlantic Front
    Cast Trucker Hat
    As low as $22.00
  10. New Salt Life Rogue Seas Mens Hat SLM20216 Army Front
    Rogue Seas Hat
    As low as $25.00
  11. New Salt Life Sunray Mens Hat SLM20208 Navy Front
    Sunray Hat
    As low as $22.00
  12. New Salt Life SL Dive Bar Trucker Mens Hat SLM20221 White Front
    Dive Bar Trucker Hat
    As low as $22.00
  13. New salt life SLM20212 SUNRISE PALMS CHARCOAL front Lifestyle
    Sunrise Palms Hat
    As low as $22.00
  14. New Salt Life Salty Marlin Mesh Mens Hat SLM20211 Navy Front
    Salty Marlin Mesh Hat
    As low as $22.00
  15. New Salt Life Respect Trucker Mens Hat SLM20223 Blue Front (2)
    Respect Trucker Hat
    As low as $22.00
  16. New Salt Life Hooked Tuna Badge Mens Hat SLM20206 Grapefruit Front
    Hooked Tuna Badge Hat
    As low as $22.00

Salt Life Men's hats, caps, visors, face shields, beanies. Shop the best hats for fishing, diving or surfing.

Salt Life hats, caps, visors, face shields, beanies. combine the best in technical features and fabrics to provide a perfect fit and all day comfort. These Men's hats are your best choice for surfing, fishing, diving, stand up paddle boarding or enjoying your time laid back on the beach. They are fashion forward, comfortable and made to last; all at a great price! Pick out the style that best shows off your Salt Life attitude.

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