The Culture Behind The Brand

Team Salt Life

Team Salt Life is comprised of the top performers in a variety of ocean sports that include extreme surfing, free diving, fishing, and more.

These athletes not only excel in their areas of expertise, but they are also passionate about living the Salt Life every single day.

For this collective group, the ocean truly is where they'd rather be and where the next adventure awaits!


Distinctive Decals

When you're a fan, you are proud, passionate and ready to proclaim your allegiance to the world. And since you're an enthusiast of the Salt Life, our popular and distinctive decal line provides a stylish way to let everyone know just how significant your ocean-centered lifestyle really is. It's not simply a sticker – it's a bold declaration of your true passion!


Distinctive Decals

Salt Life Gives Back

Salt Life Gives Back

Here at Salt Life, we are passionate about the ocean and protecting it for years to come. We have joined with organizations that strive to protect the ocean and its wildlife through conservation efforts, enforcement, reef creation and sustainability programs. Through these efforts, we hope that future generations will continue to Live the Salt Life! Learn more about these organizations


Roatan Marine Park

Roatan Marine Park

Salt Life respects the ocean and understands the importance to protect and preserve the seas and coral reefs for future generations to explore. To further this effort Salt Life has teamed with the Roatan Marine Park to preserve and protect the waters and reefs in Roatan, Honduras. Through education, conservation and enforcement they are striving to promote a healthy and sustainable marine environment that can provide fisheries and tourism without harming the ecosystem. You can learn more about their efforts and how you help at


Roatan Marine Park

Salt Life Stores: Gear Up!

We remain committed to provide you with simple ways to get the stylish gear you want.

Prefer to shop online? You'll find our complete collection of decals, optics, gear and of course, our superior-quality, active-apparel for men, ladies and kids. Join the SL Club and get exclusive updates on our latest collections, sales, news, videos and so much more!

We now have several Salt Life stores open to offer you the best in apparel and gear for how you live the Salt Life every day! Our friendly staff is ready to help you find the perfect gear for your next saltwater adventure. Our

JAX Beach, FL Daytona Beach, FL San Clemente, CA Huntington Beach, CA Columbus, GA

Find the nearest Salt Life location.

The Salt Life brand can also be found in retail stores across the country.
For a list of these locations,  

Salt Life Store

Salt Life Food Shacks

The Salt Life Food Shack eateries were designed to serve as a natural extension of the values and lifestyle exemplified by those that "Live the Salt Life." After a long day on the sand, in the surf or on the sea, there's no craving this menu won't satisfy.

These casually trendy restaurants feature a full bar and a carefully-crafted eclectic menu that caters to all tastes and personalities from the avid seaman to land lovers alike.

So, shake off the sand, put your flip flops back on, and come eat, drink and be salty with us!  

Salt Life Food Shack

Salt Life Beckons: Are You In?

If your happiness revolves around the surf, sand and sea, then you're already living the Salt Life. But there's no better time than right now to show your passion to the world by proudly rocking the Salt Life gear.

Our legions of divers, surfers, fishermen, kayakers, beach-lovers and many others will tell you that the Salt Life isn’t simply a brand; it's a lifestyle and a matter of choice.

Are you one of us? Are you in?
Now's the time to gear up and Get Salty!


Salt Life Beckons



Our brand originated as a decal and we have sold over 2 million of these to our loyal customers. Today, Salt Life is more than just a logo; it represents a passion for the ocean, the salt air, and most importantly, a way of life. Founded by four watermen from Jacksonville Beach, FL, Salt Life has captured the attention of many ocean enthusiasts across the world and became one of today’s leading lifestyle brands.



Salt Life’s team of avid watermen has helped put Salt Life’s apparel to the test, and it is designed to withstand the harsh environment that comes with the territory of saltwater sports. The journey to develop a quality brand that effortlessly combines function and fashion wasn’t easy, but for those who live the Salt Life, it was important. Our apparel takes you from the boat to the beach and is constantly evolving to fit your needs.

Whether you’re going offshore fishing for marlin, diving to explore a wreck, or surfing gnarly waves, our distinctive dedication to offer quality products ranging from apparel, performance gear, sunglasses, accessories, and even the ubiquitous decal, we have something for everyone that is living the Salt Life.



At Salt Life, we enjoy being able to share our passion for the ocean through our team members, events, and social media channels. Salt Life ambassadors help us share our love of Living Salty around the globe. Salt Life's team consists of pro fishermen, pro surfers, pro stand-up paddle boarders, pro divers, NASCAR drivers, and Country music superstars. Our brand evangelists share a common love of the ocean and living the Salt Life to the fullest.



Salt Life now owns and operates 10 retail stores with more locations scheduled to open in the next 12 months. Our stores are located in California, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina and allow customers to experience our brand first hand. You can taste the Salt Life at our Salt Life Food shack restaurants. We currently have three locations in Florida serving tropical-inspired food and drinks.


Watch the video to see more Salt Life styles for fishing, diving, and surfing.


Salt Life takes pride in not only celebrating the ocean, but also protecting it. Through our Salt Life Gives Back initiative we have joined with organizations that strive to protect the ocean and its inhabitants through conservation efforts, enforcement, reef creation, and sustainable programs. Through these efforts, we hope future generations will continue to Live the Salt Life and help protect the world’s oceans. Learn More.



We are here to provide everything you need to gear up for a day, a week, or a lifetime pursuing an active watermen’s lifestyle. Whether you’re by the water, or simply dreaming of it, Salt Life has what you’re looking for.


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