Katherine Miller

Katherine is an avid surfer and all-around water-woman. She lives to surf but when the surf isn’t firing she enjoys Stand Up Paddling, fishing, sailing, swimming, snorkeling and playing with her son, who is waterman himself. She shares her passion of the water through coaching private surf, sup and swim lessons. She is the proud Head Coach of the Port Aransas Swim Team. She holds many first-place titles in local longboard surf competitions, Stand Up Paddle races, sup-surf comps, and swim races.

When did you first get involved with Salt Life?
I have loved the Salt Life brand for as long as I can remember. I was lucky enough to join the team in the Fall of 2021.

How would you spend you dream day?
I honestly feel like I have had so many dream days already, but the ones that stand out most consisted of surfing good waves with my son, enjoying a picnic in the shade on the beach, rinsing and cooling off in the clear flowing river that empties into the sea, fishing for supper and ending the day with a beautiful beach sunset. Of course, all this surrounded by friends to share in all the joys!...

What is your favorite sea creature? Why?
My favorite sea creature would have to be dolphins. We have shared many close encounters including open water swims, sharing surf and sup waves and enjoying their aerial performances. Many nights of the week I sit at the seawall and they keep me company and put on a show while I watch the sun go down.

What is your favorite tropical destination?
My favorite tropical destination is somewhere in Costa Rica where the surf is world-class, the sea is full of life, the palm trees sway and give you shade, the river is a playground, the people are humble and kind, and life is full of simple joys.

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