Justin Baker

Without a doubt, Justin’s favorite aquatic activity is surfing. According to Justin, his life pretty much revolves around a swell forecast. If the swell is up, he is surfing. If it’s flat, you can find him fishing or diving

When did you first get involved with Salt Life?
I first got involved with Salt Life in 2018 and couldn’t be happier. Salt Life is brand that perfectly represents my lifestyle.

What is your favorite hobby when you’re not living the Salt Life?
When I’m not around the ocean, my favorite hobby is mountain biking. It’s a sport my wife and I picked up together. We have a really great trail in our town that’s about six miles long and runs underneath a really beautiful tree canopy. It’s a great way to be outdoors and get some killer exercise!...

What is your favorite tropical destination?
My favorite tropical destination so far would be Bali. My wife and I ended our honeymoon there and fell in love with the place. It really was paradise. The people were nice, the architecture and history were unreal, and the surf was really good too! I would have to add that Puerto Rico is a close second though.

What is your craziest/funniest Salty adventure?
Craziest salty adventure would have to be nearly sinking on a vessel bound for the Bahamas. We were almost halfway to our destination when the Captain noticed the boat not performing well. Long story short, we turned around and had to be met by three support vessels - including the Coast Guard. We had three external pumps on board just to keep the boat afloat!

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