Justin Baker

Born in Florida and raised on a barrier island in Fort Pierce, Florida, Justin attributes his innate Salt Life lifestyle to his surfing dad and mom who loved the beach. Justin’s dad had him on a surfboard before he could even swim. As a child, Justin enjoyed various “land sports,” but as his passion for surfing grew stronger, the others quickly faded away. Fast forward to his adult years, Justin’s livelihood has even centered around the ocean as the majority of his career has been spent as an ocean rescue lifeguard. Fittingly enough, the beach was where Justin met his wife Stacey (also a Salt Life team member) while he was cruising as a beach patrol looking at the waves of his favorite surf spot. Most recently, Justin has become a huge fan of spearfishing and freediving, which have given him a new way to look at the ocean while also putting food on the table. One of his favorite facets of the sport is the fact that there is a constant capacity for progression, whether it’s a deeper depth, longer breath-hold, or a bigger fish. Living on, in, and around the ocean is all Justin has ever known and has always been his place to find peace and serenity in this crazy world. Justin is forever grateful for living a waterman's lifestyle.

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