Jennifer Maguire

Jennifer describes herself as a “professional amateur angler,” always wanting to challenge herself and learn new techniques. She primarily fishes in freshwater for largemouth bass, and over the last couple of years, has become known for chasing big bass from a kayak. More recently, Jennifer has begun exploring saltwater fisheries like the Texas coast, the Florida Keys and even the Pacific coast of Panama.

When did you first get involved with Salt Life?
I’ve loved the Salt Life look ever since I began following Bri Andrassy and her adventures. I got involved with Salt Life in early 2021 as I found myself in need of clothing that keeps me cool and looking cute on the water.

What is your craziest/funniest Salty adventure?
My craziest Salty adventure happened deep in the jungles of Panama on the Pacific coast. While exploring tidepools with my boyfriend, I slipped and cracked my head open on a rock. Being three hours from the closest hospital, it was a terrifying situation, and I was sure my trip was over. But after some ancient Inca remedies administered by the Peruvian chefs at Los Buzos Fishing Lodge, I was able to get offshore the next day and had one of the most epic fishing days of my life, including catching a 60-pound yellowfin tuna on topwater. Moral of the story: never count yourself out!...

What is your favorite category in the Salt Life line?
Kayak anglers are basically working out while they fish and rarely have shade, so we require quality, durable clothing that keeps us covered and comfortable. I find that the Salt Life performance leggings and tops keep me cool under the sun and move with my body while pedaling, casting and fighting big fish. When it’s time to grab a bite and a beer after a great day on the water, I love the Salt Life tanks because they’re cute, comfortable and fit me perfectly.

Is there something on your bucket list that you’d like to accomplish?
My top bucket list catch would be the Silver King, a big tarpon from my kayak. I want to go on that sleigh ride!

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