Demi Landers

Today, Demi’s specialty is cooking her catch. She loves to host and entertain as long as it’s centered around food and cold drinks. Nothing makes her happier than saying “I shot that fish yesterday” and serving up something delicious to friends and family. Freedive spearfishing is not only a sport that tests the mind and body, but for Demi, it’s also a rewarding way to provide for her loved ones.

When did you first get involved with Salt Life?
It all started when I met team member Sarah Jarrett. Our boyfriends (and now husbands) are best friends and we met through them. One day she asked me if I could get Scuba certified for a trip to the Florida Keys, so that’s what I did! My first Salt Life experience was one I will never forget, as we hung artwork off of the Vandenberg shipwreck 100’ below the surface!

What is your favorite hobby when you’re not living the Salt Life?
Now that I am a homeowner, my favorite hobby is home projects! Whether it’s building, painting, or refurbishing – anything home improvement makes me happy.  I am sure many can relate, the projects are NEVER ENDING and there’s always something that needs to be done....

What is your favorite category in the Salt Life line?
Favorite category would have to be the boyfriend fit tees! I wear them everyday. They’re comfy, cute and can be dressed up or down.

How would you spend you dream day?
I have already lived my dream day! 7/13/2019. My boyfriend, myself, and two friends of ours spent the day spearfishing in the Bahamas. The weather was gorgeous, our cooler was full, the water was crystal clear, and I somehow out-shot Kris. We unloaded our catch, so the locals could prepare a fresh dinner for us and we cracked open some Salt Life lagers. We spent happy hour relaxing on Double Breasted beach watching the sun set. To my surprise, Kris had this trip planned for months. We walked to a secluded spot on the sandbar where he got down on one knee and gave me the most beautiful ring; the whole beach erupted in cheers behind us! Kris was so nervous all day, he couldn’t even spearfish (it was sweet). We enjoyed a delicious home-cooked meal, knocked back a couple rum drinks and ended the night playing pool. That night I dreamt of fish swimming around (as I do after any good day of spearfishing). It truly was my DREAM DAY.

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