Dale Ash

Dale Ash is Florida native and obsessed angler turned captain. Dale was born and raised in Miami, and spent his youth fishing Biscayne Bay and making annual trips to the Keys for Tarpon and Bonefish. He also spent years walking the canal banks of South Miami targeting peacock and largemouth bass. Dale continued his bass pursuit through his time at the University of Central Florida. He then returned to South Florida, settling in Jupiter to start a family. Refocusing on saltwater and exclusively snook, Dale has honed his skills as one of the top snook anglers in Florida. “The Jupiter Snooker,” as he is known, spends his time guiding others in the waters of Jupiter.

When did you first get involved with Salt Life?

What is your favorite hobby when you’re not living the Salt Life?
I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids when I’m not living the Salt Life....

What is your favorite category in the Salt Life line?
As a guide in South Florida, I spend five days a week, eight hours a day in the transition boardshorts. Perfect length and the perfect amount of stretch. I love them.

What is your favorite sea creature? Why?
My favorite species is hands down Snook. They are very smart and you have to be a really good angler to land them.

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