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Rowing the Pacific: California to Hawaii

Competing in The World’s Toughest Row with Anna and Jenny 

Truly embracing the Salt Life, Jenny and Anna, bestfriends known together as Team United Row, are preparing for a record setting row across the Pacific Ocean. Jenny from the US and Anna from the UK, are united with each other, their cause, and you, their supporters. The pair will be competing in The World's Toughest Row, rowing 2800 miles from Monterey Bay, California to Kauai, Hawaii on June 12th 2024. The team needs your help getting to the start line!


Rowing in 2 hour intervals around the clock, facing physical exhaustion, sleep deprivation, seasickness, total isolation, 60 ft waves, storms, and wildlife, the journey is expected to take 60+ days. There is no escaping from the elements on their 24 ft ocean rowing boat. Equipped with solar panels for battery power, a desalinator for water, and oars for entirely manual propulsion - talk about living the Salt Life! We are thrilled to partner with United Row, taking our spirit of the sea to the next level.


As Jenny and Anna prepare to tackle their Wildest dream they have launched their nonprofit organization, United Row Corp, with the mission of propelling the future of girls and women in Sports, Leadership, and Education. Their nonprofit will help provide the resources, experiences, and opportunities for others to pursue their wildest dreams too. 


They’ve been told they are crazy to be among the first and youngest to attempt such an expedition. They don’t disagree, but they are all in. Will you be all in with them!? Get onboard today by repping the exclusive United Row Salt Life shirt and following along their journey! Available for a limited time only.


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