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Alex Vandegrift's Favorite Workouts to Help Your Fishing Game

When you’re reeling in a 40-50lb fighter, you’ll be glad that you focused workouts on functional strength. We recently sat down with Salt Life team member Alex Vandergrift who explained the importance of incorporating functional fitness into your workout routines to optimize performance when it comes to fishing.

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Visiting Casa Del Golfo in El Salvador

Casa Del Golfo is an all-inclusive boutique hotel located on the Gulf of Fonseca in southern El Salvador. Perfect for outdoor and saltwater enthusiasts, you can enjoy fishing, surfing, snorkeling, SUP, diving, and more.

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Kasey Leonhardt’s Favorite Surf Spots in Hawaii

Salt Life team member and self-taught surfer Kasey Leonhardt was born and raised in Florida, but when the opportunity to move to Hawaii presented itself, she took it.

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Wave Park Surf vs. Ocean Surfing With Owen Anthony

We recently sat down with Salt Life team member Owen Anthony to discuss his thoughts on surfing at Waco Surf Park and how it can improve your technique and make you a better surfer.

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