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Fisherman wearing SLX Uvapor Performance Pullover
Water Repellent Uvapor Jacket with Zipper

Salt Life takes sun protection seriously. Each piece of our performance clothing is carefully crafted to exceed your standards whether you’re fishing on the pier, catching some waves, or simply running along the shore. When looking to stay protected from the sun during your favorite outdoor activities, you may have a couple of questions about the terminology used to describe our performance clothing. We are here to help!

SLX UVapor

Salt Life has designed the best performance fabric for a life on or under the water with their proprietary SLX UVapor fabrics. These performance fabrics have been designed in collaboration with the world’s best fisherman, surfers, and divers to provide durability, comfort, and the ultimate in performance.

UV Protection - Sun Protection

UV Rated

We understand that with a salty lifestyle comes spending extended periods outside. It’s just the territory. That’s why all of our performance clothing is UV Rated to keep you protected from the suns harsh rays. Our UV treatment level varies based on the item. Each item specifies the amount of UV protection, the higher the number the more protection from the sun. More details can be found on individual product pages.

Moisture wicking technology

Moisture Wicking

We also took into account the countless hours you’d spend in these humid conditions. As a result, all performance apparel has quick-dry moisture wicking fabric to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Our moisture wicking technology draws sweat from the skin to the fabric where it quickly dries; helping to prevent chafing and a cooling effect.

Stain Repellent Coating

Stain Repellent

Salt Life builds products to withstand the waterman’s lifestyle. Our performance fabrics are treated with stain repellent to add to the durability of your shirt. This technology allows you to simply wash away blood stains while you’re still on the boat. After fresh stains have been rinsed away any remaining stains should come out following the normal washing instructions in the garment.