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Lindsay Brenner

Lindsay has always loved the ocean and sunshine. She was born and raised in Illinois but the ocean always had her heart. As a kid, she would visit Florida every year and as she got older, the call to the ocean got stronger. She moved to the Florida Keys for college to study Marine Biology and earned her PADI Dive Instructor certification, as well as scientific diving certification. Lindsay spends all her free time in or on the water, fishing or diving and has a passion for underwater photography. Currently, Lindsay is finishing up her degree, working for a charter boat, and earning her Captains license.

When did you first get involved with Salt Life?

What is your favorite hobby when you’re not living the Salt Life?
When I am not living the Salt Life (which is rare) I enjoy going on hikes, reading good books, or relaxing and cooking up some fresh fish with my friends....

Is there something on your bucket list that you’d like to accomplish?
I’m putting in my time on the boats waiting for the day I get to reel in a grander marlin out here in the Pacific!

How would you spend you dream day?
My dream day would be spent in the Azores or Ascension Island taking pictures and swimming with some massive Bluefin or Yellowfin tuna.

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