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David Cohen

Captain David has had a passion for saltwater fishing for as long as he can remember, from deepsea to inshore. He is now a full-time inshore charter fishing captain specializing in catching Big Tarpon and Snook out of Biscayne Bay in Miami. Captain David has 30 years of local experience and knows the waters like the back of his hand. He’s been published in multiple magazines for Tarpon and Snook strategies and techniques.

When did you first get involved with Salt Life?
I started with Salt Life in 2018 and honestly consider them family.

What is your favorite hobby when you’re not living the Salt Life?
My favorite hobby when I’m not in or around the water is working out. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from UCF and before I was a Charter Captain, I worked for 15 years as a personal trainer. Fitness is a vital part of my life and my charter business because conditioning is everything with fishing...

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