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Salt Life Comment Policy

Comments are welcomed and encouraged on our Daily Salt articles. We are dedicated to making the Daily Salt a place for open and respectful discussion. We ask that you please keep the Daily Salt a fun and happy place to visit by adhering to the Comment Policy set out in detail below.


Please remember that your comment is being posted publicly and that you are personally responsible for any content you post. In conjunction with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the following applies to all comments that are posted on Daily Salt:


Links: Comments containing links will be automatically withheld  and reviewed by Salt Life prior to being posted. Salt Life reserves the right to reject or delete any comments that include a link that does not relate or beneficially contribute to the topic or article. Links that are directly related to the article or topic may be included, but if you are in doubt, please leave it out.


All Rights Reserved: In its sole discretion, Salt Life has the right to delete, move, edit, or mark as “spam” any comment posted to Daily Salt.


Privacy: We take your privacy very seriously. Comments and messages containing physical mail addresses, phone numbers, and any other private or personal information will be deleted.


Respect: Comments including offensive or inappropriate language will be deleted. Please respect any other users when replying to a comment posted by another. Failure to do so will result in a deleted comment. 


Spam: Any comment Salt Life deems “spam” will be deleted.


Promotional: Any comments Salt Life deems promotional in nature will be deleted.


Liability: All comments posted to this blog are the responsibility of the poster. By submitting a comment, you are agreeing that you are personally responsible for the content you post and that the content is your own and not the intellectual property of another.