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Anna McLean

Anna always knew she was a water baby at heart, but it wasn’t until she rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, spending 43 days at sea that she truly found her love for the ocean. Exposed to the elements, battling 60ft waves and seasickness Anna continues to follow her dreams as she prepares to break more world records, this time rowing across the Pacific ocean.

Rowing 2800 nautical miles from Monterey Bay, CA to Kauai, HI in June 2024 the journey is expected to take around 60 days, truly embodying what it means to live a salty life. Follow her journey

When did you first get involved with Salt Life?
Since a young age I’ve been repping the brand, although I officially joined the Salt Life team in 2022.

What is your favorite hobby when you’re not living the Salt Life?
I love a good dance party & karaoke session. Whether in the car, at home or on a boat, it’s fun anywhere.

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