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Alex Vandegrift

Alex lives the Salt Life by Fishing, Diving and Surfing as often as she can. Living in South Florida gives her access to some of the greatest oceans, beaches and rivers to follow her passions. Alex participates in fishing tournaments in the state of Florida, and enjoys some of the best diving the state has to offer - from West Palm to the Keys.

When did you first get involved with Salt Life?
I first got involved with Salt Life in 2019. I had recently undergone my 2nd major hip surgery, which ultimately ended my collegiate soccer career. Salt Life came along at the perfect time and helped me stay positive, competitive and active while continuing to participate in activities I love - anything in and around the water.
What is your favorite sea creature? Why?
My favorite sea creature is a Whale Shark because while they are massive in size, yet exhibit such beauty, gracefulness and gentleness. I am fascinated by them!

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