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Above and Below: A Salt Life Podcast

If you are obsessed with all things ocean-related, you have come to the right place. Hosted by Salt Life team member and professional surfer, Kieran Anderson, Above and Below dives into our favorite ocean-centric activities including fishing, diving, surfing, and more.

Each week we will explore a different aspect of the Salt Life with an expert on the subject. Whether we are discussing the best places to catch a gnarly wave, what type of equipment to use to target big fish, or diving into crystal clear waters with a speargun, we assure you’ll be on the edge of your seat every week. Stay Salty!

Latest Episodes

Meet Jenny and Anna with United Row

Nov 23rd, 2022

Salt Life team members, Jenny D’Anthony and Anna McLean, discuss their journey to becoming team United Row. In the Summer of 2024, Jenny and Anna will be attempting a record - breaking challenge to be the youngest and fastest pair to row across the Pacific Ocean.

Filming and Editing with Cameron Vurbeff

Nov 16th, 2022

Cameron Vurbeff sits down with host Kieran Anderson to discuss tips and tricks he’s learned while pursuing his passion for filming and editing.

Underwater Photography 101 with Shawn Jackson

Nov 9th, 2022

Salt Life Team Member, Shawn Jackson sits down with host Kieran Anderson to give insight on underwater photography and videography .

Planning a Spearfishing Trip with Cheyenne Lee

Nov 2nd, 2022

Salt Life team member Cheyenne Lee talks with host Kieran Anderson about the details behind planning a successful spearfishing trip - from deciding where to go, to the logistics behind packing gear and clothing.

Top 10 Surf Destinations with Colin McPhillips

Oct 26th, 2022

Colin McPhillips sits down with host Kieran Anderson to discuss his favorite surf destinations from all over the world.

What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Becoming a Surf Instructor

Oct 19th, 2022

Surf instructor, Chacy Eveland , discusses his passion for surfing and shares helpful tips he wishes he would have known before becoming a surf instructor.

SUP Training Regimen with Connor Baxter

Oct 12th, 2022

Connor Baxter, a multi - time world champion, 2019 Pan American Gold medalist, and current record holder for the ICF 200 - meter sprint highlights his training regimen for Stand - Up Paddling.

Picking out Spearfishing Equipment with Ryder DeVoe

Oct 5th, 2022

Salt Life team member Ryder DeVoe goes into depth about his passion for the water and his favorite equipment he uses when spearfishing.

NASCAR Racing and Fishing with Blake Koch

Sep 28th, 2022

Salt Life team member and former NASCAR driver Blake Koch goes into depth about his driving career and his passion for fishing and how the two aren’t so different after all.

Surfing in Hawaii with Kasey Leonhardt

Sep 21th, 2022

Salt Life team member Kasey Leonhardt talks with host Kieran Anderson about some of her favorite secluded and less - known surfing spots in Hawaii.

Targeting Roosterfish in Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Sep 15th, 2022

FishDrakeBay’s co - owner and co - captain sits down with host Kieran Anderson to talk about what it’s like to target Roosterfish in Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

Fishing in Alaska with Denis Isbister

Sep 8th, 2022

Denis Isbister sits down with host Kieran Anderson to talk about what it’s like to go fishing in Alaska, one of Denis’ favorite trips each year.

Meet the Host

Kieran Anderson holding two lobsters


Kieran Anderson grew up in sunny southern California where the waves are consistent and the ocean is vast. Growing up just down the street from the California coastline, Kieran took up surfing at a young age. Throughout his childhood, it was second nature for him to grab his board and head out to the water almost every single day. Later in life, Kieran became a professional surfer, living out his childhood dream.

Kieran is not only a surfer, but also an avid waterman as he enjoys diving and fishing in his spare time. Kieran has traveled all over the world chasing big waves, and along the way has met many awesome people who share his passion for the ocean. The ocean is Kieran’s sanctuary, and he is ready to start talking about it.