Colin McPhillips

With years of professional experience under his belt, Colin’s specialty is surfing. He lives by all things water. Today, he shortboards, longboards, SUP surfs, SUP races, and foils. His biggest accolades come from longboarding, where he enjoyed 18 years on the WSL World Longboard tour. Colin enjoyed many victories while on tour, and is renowned for being a three-time World Champion!

When did you first get involved with Salt Life?
I first got involved with Salt Life back in 2012. Salt Life embodies everything I am passionate about, I’ve been living the Salt Life ever since.

What is your favorite tropical destination?
My favorite tropical destination is Indonesia. It’s the surfing version of Disneyland. Endless islands of perfect waves with crystal clear water. Indonesia has everything you can think of for all crafts of wave riding, in perfect warm-water waves!...

What is your favorite category in the Salt Life line?
My favorite category in the Salt Life line is for sure boardshorts. If I’m in my favorite Salt Life trunks, that means I’m surfing in warm water at one of my favorite surf destinations!

How would you spend you dream day?
My dream day would consist of searching for waves. Whether it be by bouncing down a dusty dirt road, or speeding in a boat from island to island, it’s all about finding that perfect wave to get all to yourself!

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