Bri Andrassy

If she’s not standing on a paddleboard, she’s holding a fishing pole; but usually she’s doing both at the same time. Bri Andrassy caught her first keeper at the age of three on a kid’s Mickey Mouse rod and has been hooked ever since. She started paddling to spearfish the South Florida reefs and SUP camp in primitive locations. She later combined her love for paddling with her love for fishing and became an avid SUP angler. The thrill of the ride keeps her coming back for more. She was one of the first to catch an alligator off of the Sea Doo Fish Pro, and the first woman to catch a marlin off of a kayak.

When did you first get involved with Salt Life?
I have been living salty ever since I could walk, but I officially started with Salt Life in 2017.

What is your favorite sea creature? Why?
Sharks! I have been obsessed with them since I was a kid. It’s a love hate relationship while fishing and diving, but I will always be intrigued by them....

What is your favorite category in the Salt Life line?
I appreciate the performance wear for days spent on the water. The UV-protection and quick-drying fabric makes it easy to stay safe and dry. The leggings in particular have saved my legs while fishing on the Sea Doo and kayak offshore. They are also great to dive in!

What is your craziest/funniest Salty adventure?
There are so many! I would have to say when I first started camping on my paddle board on the water. There was a lot to learn but it was a very unique experience. I even convinced one of my best friends to give it a try. I have since tried more extreme camping setups but I will never forget that first time on the paddle board. Also, billing a marlin off of the kayak after a 4.5 hour fight - now that was a wild ride!

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