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Michelle Saco


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Michelle Saco
Michelle Saco: Swimming/Spearfishing

Hi I’m Michelle! I was born and raised in Miami Dade County. At a very young age my mom taught me how to swim and it was game over from there. My passion for swimming took me all the way to college where I swam competitively. Having a mom as an Olympian in swimming and a dad who loves going on the boat made it very easy to fall in love with the ocean. Growing up we would take boat trips out to the Florida Keys to dive the reefs, wakeboard and fish. My love for the outdoors only grew more when I got introduced to spearfishing. The fact that I can selectively harvest fish in the most sustainable way while being surrounded by marine life was a game changer. Now I am lucky enough to be able to travel to beautiful cities and countries with amazing friends that cherish the same hobby as I do. I am forever grateful to have the ocean as my backyard and can’t wait to see what other adventures it has in store for me.

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