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Luiza Barros
Luiza Barros: Fishing/Diving

I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Brazil and lived only one hour away from the ocean my entire life. Since I was a little girl I always enjoyed being on the water swimming, diving & fishing. I still remember the first time my grandparents took me fishing, I didn’t want to leave! I was hooked! I blame them for my fishing addiction that’s for sure. As I grew my passion for salt water grew as well. There’s something about the ocean & what’s beneath its surface that mesmerizes me because there’s so much to see, learn and explore.

Since moving to Florida I now spend most of my time for work and pleasure fishing, spearfishing and scuba diving around the world. I can truly say that Salt Life is not just a sticker on my car but a way of life for me!

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Fishing for Striped Marlin in Mexico !

While fishing in Mexico out of Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort, Luiza catches & releases her first striped marlin with Capt. Jimmy Nelson....

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