Kieran Anderson

Kieran Anderson


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Kieran Anderson
Kieran Anderson: Surfing, Diving

I am a Californian at heart. As much as I love to travel, Carlsbad is my home. Living in a community with so many activity options, I grew up enjoying many action sports, but I am most passionate about surfing, diving and fishing. The ocean is my sanctuary.

Adrenaline and outgoing are a couple words to describe me. I will do just about any sport in or out of the water that gives me a thrill. Hunting down big waves is the best part of surfing, but when there is no swell, diving for lobster or fishing with friends is an all time favorite. Throughout the past few years I have had the opportunity to travel the world and learn about other people’s salt lives, which has brought me a great appreciation for every part of the ocean and different cultures. Come join me on my Salt Life adventures.

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