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Katy Waters
Katy Waters: Diving

"My intrigue for the ocean began as a child when I moved from the Colorado Rocky Mountains to the beaches of South Florida. I have spent the last several years falling in love with offshore fishing, spearfishing, and freediving in South Florida and the Bahamas.

With a degree and a passion for sustainability, I want to find solutions that incorporate social, economic, and environmental systems to improve the quality of life for people and the marine environment. I aim to apply my salty life to maintaining and improving the health of our vital ocean resources. The time I spent living on the island of Roatan and working for the Roatan Marine Park, provided me the opportunity to excel my freediving skills on the 2nd largest living reef, with some world renown freedivers, and become familiar with the relationship between the island communities and local marine ecosystems. I absolutely love traveling and exploring new cultures and new reefs. I’m excited to continue diving and fishing (eat what you spear! ;) throughout the ocean’s endless locations.

I have worked with various ocean-minded brands as a model and ambassador, featured in Spearing Magazine and DiveR Australia. I am so blessed with the opportunity to live and enjoy the salt life, which has left me aspiring to change the world through marine sustainability and innovative solutions in order to allow our oceans to thrive for future generations.”

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