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Justin Baker
Justin Baker: Surfing/Diving

    Born in Florida and growing up on a barrier island in Fort Pierce to a surfing dad and a mom that loved the beach; some could say the Salt Life was inevitable. My dad had me on a surfboard before I could even swim. I might have not even believed this had my mom not taken what is now my favorite photo sequence. Growing up, my wave riding was mostly done on a boogie board until the day I distinctly remember a kid a bit younger than myself being pushed into a wave by his dad. I watched him stand up and ride in while the rest of his family and a few bystanders cheered him on. I recall being a little jealous and from that day forward i was determined to learn how to surf. As a kid I got involved in the typical sports like baseball and basketball but as my passion for surfing grew stronger the others quickly faded away. My livelihood has even centered around the ocean as the majority of my career has been spent as an ocean rescue lifeguard. Fittingly enough the beach was where I met my wife Stacey while I was cruising on a beach patrol at work looking at the waves of my favorite surf spot.


    In my late teens and early twenties I got a bit lost in a fast paced party lifestyle that began to rob me of my time spent doing the things I loved. When I made a decision to leave the party for good I threw myself back into surfing to keep me occupied, unfortunately living in Florida the waves go flat quite often. I’ll never be able to thank Mikal enough for taking me diving on a flat day that summer and letting me borrow his speargun to shoot a few fish, immediately the flat day anxiety was gone and my new addiction was born. Spearfishing and Freediving have given me a different way to look at the ocean and enjoy it while also putting food on the table. One of my favorite facets of the sport is the fact that there is a constant capacity for progression whether it be a deeper depth, longer breath-hold, or a bigger fish. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to different parts of the ocean around the world including, the eastern seaboard, the Gulf of Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico, the Philippines, and the Bahamas. Living on, in, and around the ocean is all I have ever known and has always been my place to find a little peace and serenity in this crazy world and I will be forever grateful for living a waterman's lifestyle.

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