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Erica Meichtry
Erica Meichtry: Fishing

Ever since I was an infant I grew up on the water fishing with my grandfather off the coast of Long Island, New York. He was a commercial fisherman and I fell in love with the water; since the first time I held a fishing pole! Whether we were fishing for fluke or flounder, or using handmade crab traps off the docks for Blue Crabs, it was hard to pull me away for dinner! I would want to stay out there for hours! I have definitely grown up living the Salt Life!

I relocated to Florida in 2014 where my love for fishing has taken off even more. Living on the water here has been a blessing and I spend all of my free time either kayak fishing, wading, fishing off the beach or off the boat fishing for mostly Snook, Red Fish, and Trout. I love taking on new challenges and learning new fishing disciplines as I find it very rewarding and relaxing! I also first mate for our charter company, Team BGBF, or other captains in the area that are needing another reliable deckhand for their trips. You can definitely say I love the Salt Life!

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